Erica Compton is a southern born tornado currently residing and making in Brooklyn. Raised by a classically trained artist, but rebelling like an angsty teen, her talents are more unconventional. She spent several years learning metalsmithing at the University of Georgia as well as Pratt Fine Arts Center but she dabbles in anything she can get her hands on. She binds books, sews, prints, and makes politically inspired collages out of Dick and Jane characters. Her  work focuses on the romanticization of things like Space and the Wild West and the deromanticization of the Female Body. 



BS Degree in Anthropology from the University of Georgia 

Studied metalsmithing at the University of Georgia as well as Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, WA.


Tasteless Nudes & other Creatures: a printmaking show at HighWire Lounge in Athens, GA 2014

Cult Cargo Jewelry Pop-Up: a collaboration with Cult Cargo's temporary gallery space Athens, GA 2014

The Things We Like: a farewell to Athens at The World Famous in Athens, GA 2014

The Salon From Refuse: a printmaking show in a temporary venue in Athens, GA 2013